It is a quiet night

At 7pm I was a puddle on the floor next to Uther Bundragon.  Could.not.move.  But here it is several hours later and I’m about to go to bed,  except that there’s one more thing to put in the recycling bin before they collect it tomorrow morning,  and when I step out the door the night is just perfect.  I can see so many stars and clouds and there’s a breeze, and I will be so irritated with myself if I don’t go for a walk in it.  So I do.  Just around the block.  I almost convince myself that it’d be a really great idea to go back and get my running shoes and go for a run.  It’s that nice out.  But, I remember – just in time – that I’ve completely shredded my heels and the tops of my toes by wearing my new shoes without socks yesterday…I should know better.  I can tell you exactly where they rub, though.  And I have bled through two pairs of socks.  So, yeah, maybe rest the feet a little.  And tomorrow,  sandals.  I made it through today with bandaids.  And star pants.  And I sang, “Starry, starry pants…”  which is almost as good as “Buh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh Bat Pants!” which is what I sang when I had actual bat pants. They finally fell apart.

This is rambly.

My desktop computer is out of commission again.  This time I think it’s the power supply.   I wasn’t able to test this theory by swapping out the “bad” one (since I couldn’t get a hold of a “good” one to experiment with), so I went ahead and ordered a new one.   It should get here soon and then I can confirm my suspicions.   If I’m wrong it may be a pain in the ass to figure out what *is* wrong with it.  For now I’ve been mostly avoiding typing anything much longer than a few sentences, since I’m restricted to these tiny keyboards on my tablet and phone or the hassle of moving my laptop out of its “media center” position.   Yes, I have 3 other devices on which to connect to the world.  I can’t really complain.  Much.

I cleaned the whole case out yesterday in preparation for the new power supply.  And spent a good couple hours reading reviews and specs on Newegg and Amazon about various supplies.  I can’t imagine I need serious power – pretty sure my brother hooked me up with more than I’d need when we did this last build 3 years ago.  In the process I realized that I have a modular ps, which means I can unplug all the cables if necessary and leave off the ones that I’m not using. This is really nice since I have a smaller case and it’s hard to cram things in there.   Since that’s desirable,  I chose another ps with similar features and capacity – minus the ‘fails within 3 years’ quality, which I hope isn’t standard.  The old ps is still under warranty, so I could try to send it in for repairs/replacement.  That may be more hassle than it’s worth.  Still…if I get another working ps out of it, then I’ll have something to test with nexr time around.  I jsut don’t want to have to wait for however long it takes for them to confirm my diagnosis.  If you’re wrong, they charge you $20 and send the old one back.

In the last couple weeks I’ve had far too many bugs crawl through my bed. I must be on whatever the insect equivalent of the hippie trail is.  Also, lots of excitement in the neighborhood.   One night the drunks across the street got particularly loud and crazy and thought it’d be a good idea to bust open their empties by throwing them in the street.  Yay.  Broken glass everywhere .   Someone called the cops on them.  Then there was the moaning woman who was cussing out somone who’d done her wrong…not sure if she lives here or was just Expressing her Feelings as she was passing through.   And then the asshole teenage kid next door brought a 14 year old girl home while his mother was away and *her* mother showed up to get her at 2am and gave him a piece of her mind.  He put on a tough attitude for her which just made him seem like a dick – and a stupid one at that.  Sounds like he’ll be 18 soon.  Maybe his mom will give him some luggage and kick him out.  Otherwise we may actually get that meth lab people thought was in the neighborhood.  More police action!

I saw another house, but didn’t like the neighborhood.   My dad said I was going to have to compromise on something.  I’m not sure what he thinks I’m missing out on…I guess he must have liked one of the houses we looked at.  And if it’s the one I’m thinking of, well, the taxes were ridiculously high.  Also, no I don’t.  I can decide not to buy any of them and keep looking.  My realtor may fire me, but, that’s a hazard I’ll have to live with.

Doctor Who party today at the library.   Fun and exhausting.  I made an obstacle course for them, and they loved it.  🙂

Where shall I see fireworks this Friday?


2 thoughts on “It is a quiet night

  1. In choosing between a better neighborhood or a better house, always go with the neighborhood. You can always fix up the house. The same can’t be said for the neighborhood.

    Concerning the computer repair – I just love it when you talk geeky to me. Er, us.

  2. Indeed. I wish I could take a couple of my current neighbors with me wherever I go. The owners of the B&B next door are great, and the people next to them (with the big white dog) are also nice.

    Stilk waiting for the hard drive to arrive…

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