Yet Another Reason I Have Fallen Off the Face of the Earth

2. I only got around to writing about one reason in my last entry.  It ended up being a lengthy one.  Numero dos.  I moved.  I probably mentioned that.  I mean, I bought a house and moved.  And omigod.  All the things that need(ed) to be done!  I’m thinking about starting a tumblr for all the damned house projects and things I’ve had to learn (and will have to learn) in order to maintain a home of my own.  In some ways this is very satisfying, and in others it is totally overwhelming.  Before, I could rest assured that there were certain irritations that I would just have to live with because my landlord was definitely NOT going to fix them.  But, in my own house, my landlord is ME and I am not tolerant of much.  FIX IT.  FIX IT NOW!  LEARN ALL THE THINGS TO DO IT AND DO IT!  Oh my god, kaysootee, SHUT UP.  I am such a pain in my own ass.

It took a few days to move All my Things.  I don’t think I even have that many things, but it was still way more things than I wanted to move.  Friends helped me with most of it, and I made a bunch of trips on my own.  It would have been nice if I’d been able to completely clean the house before moving in.  And fix all the things that needed to be fixed, and do all of the renovations…  You know, fresh start?  But that was never going to happen.  From the closing, we came right over here and made a list of things we’d need to get from Home Depot so that my brother and father could start on some of the projects they could help with – changing out and adding fixtures and outlets (there were a bunch of holes where things *should* go).  And they brought a ton of stuff with them, and I made sure there was a table to put the stuff on and chairs for everyone to sit in (which meant, yeah, I had to move some things immediately).  Oh, but LUNCH.  Lunch had to happen right after we made that list, because I was about to lose my mind and my temper.  STOP messing with the effing LOCKS.  We have to eat NOW.  I am much less insane when I am well-fed.

Appliances arrived, my family was helpful, my friends made themselves available for all kinds of projects (thank you, thank you, I love you)…and then I was alone for a few days in a maze of Things with a lot of leaky plumbing and way too many projects to prioritize.  GAH.  Everything looks easy in YouTube videos – even the ones where there are *problems*, because, you know, EDITING happens, and the vids are only 10 minutes and you think, well, ok, even if I run into the same difficulties, I will be done in 10 minutes!  No.  No you will not.  There’s a nice picture of my disassembled toilet after I used a hacksaw to saw through the rusty bolt that was keeping me from replacing the gasket connection between the tank and the seat.  I beat that mofo.  I did need another hand to help me screw on the new bolt, though.  Or maybe I didn’t need it, but it sure made things a lot easier.  Thanks, Oberon.

Because the projects are so many and because I freak out about them (well, a little, anyway) if I worry about things too much, I just made lists for each room/area where things needed to be done and I’ll go around and cross things off of those lists as the projects happen.  Or I will learn to live with stuff for the time being and those things won’t seem quite so necessary or PRESSING anymore.

My lease officially ended August 31st and I did a walk-through of my old apt. with my landlord and got my security deposit back.  So glad that relationship is over.


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