Bun in the sun

I did not know how much Uther bun liked sunbathing until we moved.  He loves, more than anything, to station himself in front of the patio doors where he can look out into the yard, and sleep in the sun.  He is dozing right now, propped up against some rolled up towels that I left for him.  Bunny bolsters.  Maybe I should sell them.  He spent a lot of time in our old place inside of a large box, where he felt very safe and secure.  Perhaps his bad experiences there made him reconsider?  You’d think he’d become more hidey rather than less…  Sweet little prey animal.  May you make a multitude of droppings while I am at the grocery store.  (Direct quote from the Rabbit Prayer Book)


2 thoughts on “Bun in the sun

  1. It’s true. Though, right now, he is sleeping in his burrow (the box he excavated for this purpose). I’ve had both of them outside in other places before and both have reacted differently each time. Uther was not thrilled with my garden at my apartment and wanted to go back inside. Oatmeal liked it and investigated plants and dug around a little bit. In WI, Uther made many explorations before hiding under a bush and refusing to come out. Oatmeal was much more hesitant and fearful. Buns!

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