What else has changed?

CSEC asked this of me a few weeks ago…

I have processed All the Things!  And moved on.  To NEW things.  12 years ago I was co-managing a book store and working part-time at a library and thinking that people don’t know how to research anything, because they come to the bookstore to find information and say that their librarians are SCARY.  I decide to become one of the not-scary variety (I think I have mostly achieved this).  I have no idea, no inclination at ALL that I will spend so much time with teenagers.  But this kind of suits me, since I’m somehow still a teenager myself in a lot of ways.  All those John Hughes moves, I suppose.  I received confirmation of this not too long ago, when I told one of those teenagers that this was the last year of my 30-teens, and he said, “Well, you don’t seem *that* old – you really relate well to young people.”  Heh.  Or maybe *he* really relates well to OLD people.

I had different bunnies.

I lived (for a couple years) with my folks.  And hung out with my brother like we were best friends – we used to call each other at work and chat and make plans to do things.  And was a vegetarian – until the cheeseburgers lured me back to the dark side.

I did my first long bike ride – 20 miles – with a guy I met on OKC, who said, “I didn’t think we’d go this far.”  And I’m STILL not sure if that was a comment about my cycling abilities or what.  He was a grad student and studied people’s sleep patterns and the effects of melatonin on sleep (which made me extremely nervous while we were talking, because the words melatonin and melanin are so close, and I was worried I’d use the wrong one and appear to be unintelligent). We never hung out again.  But even HE taught me something: bar cookies are incredibly easy to make and should accompany one on bike outings.

Too many cookies (too much sugar?) make me break out.  Like a teenager.

I met a lot of new people and then lost them.  I reconnected with a lot of old friends, too.  Some of these relationships I’ve sustained, and others have gone back into quiescence.  I find that I am more comfortable in my own company most of the time (or, my own company with a couple of rabbits at my side).  I have tried to open up my life to the people who have become special to me – some with more success than others.  We are all busy and distracted and caught up in our own stuff – the good and the bad.  I wish sometimes that some people were more accessible, but realize, too, that I probably would not see them any more than I already do, because it’s simply not convenient no matter HOW close you are in proximity to one another.  If you don’t work or live with someone everything has to be scheduled.

Art!  Creative projects!  Bees!

I am older.  Sometimes I am wiser.  Often, I am just crankier and creakier.  I may not know everything, but I can look up most things.

Still in the process of acquiring more useful skills.  Home improvement projects will probably further this endeavor some.  Actually, I think I will always be in the process/business of learning new things.  It’s one reason why the librarianing thing works so well for me.

What about you?


4 thoughts on “What else has changed?

  1. Twelve years ago I thought I was making the right decision about a career change. About five years after that, I knew I’d made a mistake. Now (this month) I’m finally feeling like I’m on the right track. I thought I’d be making ideas and alumns and money, but instead I’m making art and music and vegetables and business plans.

    This month marks the start of my 21st year living away from my parents. I am old. But the fortyteens is still a fun decade.

    Eight years ago I met someone on OKC who gave me a sunburn and shin splints, but still turned out to be a great and true friend nonetheless. 😉 Then I met someone else on OKC who married me despite my weirdnesses.

    I have also long been in the business of learning and trying things. Now I want to try living on a farm and raising hazelnuts and bamboo and hay and mushrooms and fruit and bees and new farmers.

    It is true that even if I lived nearby in your little English-themed neighbourhood we would probably still not see each other very often….

  2. It is rather wonderful, JM, that you can do all of these things that you love. I only torture – with shin splints and sunburn – the people I like best.

    We’d probably see a great deal of one another if we puttered around in the same community garden.

    There’s a lot of money in hay. Just ask Oxbow. And Uther. Or Oatmeal. Who would be willing to test your hay’s palatability.

    Oh, and bee sure to find out if you’re allergic to our honey-making friends, or there could be issues with part of that plan. Alternatively, I can show you how to entertain a bevy of box elder bugs…

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