Seeing Sparklies!

Whoa.  Little lights everywhere, swimming in my vision.  I must have…sat down too fast?  That’s the only thing I just did.  Hm.  I don’t think that’s a Thing.  So, maybe I’m about to have the second migraine of my life!  This would not be a cause to celebrate.  This week is too much.  Next week is also too much.  There may be a brief reprieve the following week, but I should check my calendar, because I could be mistaken.  I *should* have gone to ILA.  It wouldn’t have made any of this less (it would have, in fact, been one more thing), but it would have been something different.  But, there wasn’t anything really exciting to attend and I was still getting over the memories of my last Traffic Experience.  All of August and most of September was a Traffic Experience.  Every road is either under construction or impassable because of accidents and every place is at least an hour away, and I find myself just screaming and screaming because I can’t get where I want/need to be.  Uther can document this behavior.  I finally had to tell myself to calm the heck down because I was probably stressing the bun out with my furious impatience and frustration.  Several of these trips were on his behalf.

Yes, headache.  I see you.  Go away now.

I think I’m finally recovered from my century ride.  I was weary pretty much all last week.  And I’ve been napping every chance I get.  This makes for unrestful dreams during my normal sleep time.  I yell a lot at dream people and solve problems that I don’t have in real life.  I wake up – still tired, but also relieved that these things aren’t real.  Maybe they’re real enough, though?  If they’re affecting my REST.

Today: 30 miles on the bike before work.  Some rain the last 2 miles, but not a soaking rain – rather, a dusting.  As I was pulling out of the parking lot by the Long Prairie Trail, the Prius woman was hauling her bike down from the rack on the back of her car.  I often run into her at the trailhead at this time.  I smiled and waved, because by now we recognize each other.  She returned my greetings and headed out.  I don’t know how far she goes, but some day I will ask her.

Last night: I took a walk through my neighborhood.  I was tired before I really got anywhere.  And there was more traffic than I like on my walks (not peaceful).  I wanted to get into the older part of town, or maybe downtown, or the library, but those things were further away.  With more daylight and energy or possibly on a bike they are obtainable.


2 thoughts on “Seeing Sparklies!

  1. Migraines are no fun, but isn’t that the same symptoms of a detached retina?

    The headache would be better. Hopefully the “take two aspirins and call Oberon for a bike ride” prescription worked.

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