I got a letter from the Secretary of State

Back in August I noticed that the protective coating on my license plates was starting to peel off (when I renewed my sticker), so I filled out the online form they have for defective license plates.  I’ve actually done this once before and whatever methods they use to produce the *new* plates were supposed to have corrected the problems they had with the old ones.  Mine are just special I guess.  I got a very lengthy email back from someone in the ‘plates department explaining that they’d need some more information from me before they could replace my plates a second time – photos, or it didn’t happen!  So I took some and sent them in and my contact confirmed that the plates were, indeed, DEFECTIVE.  It was one of the better online customer service experiences I’ve had.  I figured that they’d just deny me a replacement because I’d already gotten new plates a few years ago, but someone actually took the time to investigate my situation further.  I’m accustomed to those form letters that one gets from large corporate entities that often fail to address the issue raised at all.  They make me livid.

After just a few email exchanges, I was told they’d be shipping out some new plates in a few weeks, and my correspondent even offered some suggestions for making them last longer – I need to get some plastic coated screws.  He also called me “MR.” Kaysootee a few times, which amused the heck out of me.  And then NOTICED and apologized.  There was even a hint that he had a sense of humor.  These are all things I treasure in my dealings with other people.  So, after I thanked him a bunch for helping me out, I wrote a letter to his supervisor (as near as I could figure out) and commended his prompt and helpful assistance.  Because lately, I feel like there’s not enough appreciation for the people out there who are doing things well, and I want to do my part to correct the imbalance.

TODAY!  I got a letter from the Secretary of State (who is also the State Librarian) thanking me for MY letter and letting me know that he appreciated my comments and that the employee and his boss will LEARN of this, and hopefully they will be celebrated and given raises and all of that.  Ok, the SoS didn’t say ALL of that (no mention of raises), but he did say, “Please note that your kind comments will be brought to the attention of this employee and his Administrator.  In addition, a copy of your letter will be placed in his personnel file.”  Also I should write again “If this Office of the Secretary of State may be of service” to me “in the future…”

I predict that we will soon be exchanging Holiday cards.


5 thoughts on “I got a letter from the Secretary of State

  1. I always make a note to send a note of praise to folks who strive to do an excellent job as I recognize the fact that the importance of doing so seems lost on so many.

    Like most everybody else (besides MR. Kaysootee, who is of course, perfect!) I generally only think about doing this, because in fact I rarely get around to actually doing so. :>

    And yes, there are still lots of public servants (say, postal workers and librarians) who still take pride in serving their respective constituencies.

  2. This is SO GREAT!!! My mother recently went through several kinds of insurance hell, and one particular exchange was so helpful and such a relief that we wanted to send the lady flowers! Or at least write a note to her supervisors. I shall bear this in mind and keep reminding my mother!

  3. There is totally not enough complimenting of people who do a good job these days. People are all So! Quick! to Complain! but rarely go out of their way to recognize when someone has done a good job. You are one such rare soul! Good on you ^_^

  4. So, thumerzs, I read this *slightly* squishy book written by a man whose life was falling apart and who decided to start writing thank-you notes (one every day, if possible) to people who had done something kind for him. The responses he received from his notes and thanks surprised him a lot. And the act of writing the notes made him really think about how the people in his life enriched it, which ended up helping him reframe his general outlook. It’s a little “power of positive thinking,” which sometimes makes me roll my eyes, but I also found his story uplifting. “365 Thank Yous,” by John Kralik.

    If you read it, it might make you feel good. It’s that sort of book.

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