I stay up too late

Currently reveling in the freedom of being able to vacuum whenever I damn well please.  Which, tonight was at 10:30pm.  Because I had to wash the floor.  Because Uther has BEEN.  Pretty much everywhere.

I bought him a pool.  I don’t know if it will work, but it was on clearance (Clarence) for $15.  It is one of those plastic wall with an inner liner deals that you fit together with a snappy rim.  I can’t remember if these work at all if you don’t have something in them (like water, not rabbit).  It’s the only one I saw at the store.  If it doesn’t work, I can take it back.  A friend of mine offered to give me one that she’s looking to re-home, but it looks pretty small from the picture she sent.  This one that I bought says it is 8 feet across.  That’s plenty of room for a bun.  And not much room for the rest of the kitchen.  But, hey, less mopping of the floors.  And more cleaning of the pool.

The bun is in the process of passing out.  He’s flopping gently to the side as he falls asleep.  It’s amusing.  Heal thyself, Utherbees.

I’ll set it up tomorrow.  Tonight is for BED.


One thought on “I stay up too late

  1. I’ve been thinking about getting a kiddie pool for Meander since he loves playing in water. Where did you get yours?

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