Things I Found in the Garage

* Solar Lights
* Drying rack
* Gutter stuff
* Bannister
* Vertical blinds
* Grill
* Skis
* Laminate Flooring
* Yard/Deck Canopy
* Papasan Chair
* Vacuum
* Scrap Wood (lots)
* Curtain Rods
* Nintendo Game System (with controller and some games)
* DVD Player
* Assorted pots for plants
* Dewalt case for some kind of tool (missing tool)
* Cushions for outdoor furniture (no furniture)
* Bag of something I didn’t even want to investigate because it was so dusty (so I didn’t…that’s probably where the $25,000 was hidden)

And in the attic:

* Christmas tree
* Extra screen (needs to be repaired)
* Ceramic presents-shaped container that still contained Christmas cookies (ewwww!!!)
* Sheet (left it up on top of the attic hatch door to provide some extra insulation for the time being
* Empty boxes

Brought most of the things to Goodwill.  Saved the stuff I might be able to use to make repairs (if necessary), and the solar lights, and the drying rack.

Kind of fun to see what was left behind, but also a pain in the butt to get it all down, into the car, and over to the donations center.  Probably could have had a garage sale, but that also seemed like a pain.


2 thoughts on “Things I Found in the Garage

  1. Over the years I’ve come to view running garage sales as horrible. I remember as a kid, loving doing it and I still enjoy stopping by them. But I so rarely have the time or energy to run one and there’re so many other things I’d much rather be doing.

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