Dead again

My computer died.  Or it has asthma.  I don’t know.  It powers on, but not up and there are none of the lovely posting beeps and boops.  I consulted my techie go-to person (my brother), who confirmed what I’d been reading on the interwebs – you can test to see what’s wrong, but usually it’s something serious.  And in my case, it’s probably not worth figuring it out – I should just scavenge any bits I want to keep (the hard drives) and build a new machine.

Did I tell you that I’ve become a magnet for Entropy in these past few months?  I moved and all of my stuff died.  A lot of it was old and falling apart and/or had issues that I was just living with because they weren’t *that* annoying (or they were, but I had plenty of other things to do that kept me from being annoyed or bothering to fix/update them.  I guess you can only put things off so long.

So, I’ve been casting off old things for new things and life is a strange and wonderful place now where my feet don’t hurt (because I finally got rid of those old shoes I was wearing and started using the new ones), my DVD player can actually play DVDs (and not just temporarily and temperamentally, but probably not the SPACED series anymore, because it’s not a region-free player, but I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it – if ever), and I have a bathing suit top that doesn’t chafe under my arms (it can take a lot of time to find a suit with a good cut that won’t deteriorate in the pool in a matter of weeks).

There are a number of things that I’ve not yet replaced – computer speakers (the thought was, well, maybe someone will buy them for xmess and then I won’t have to, but then the computer died anyway, so now it’s kind of a moot point), my microwave (it pretty much went into power failure mode a month after I got it – 12 years ago – and can’t be left plugged in longer than 24 hours or it panics), my car (needs about $3000 of work, which I may do in the new year – during which time it will be inaccessible to me for about a week).  There are also a great number of house projects that I’m ignoring because they’re going to be very involved once I start in on them.

I thought I might make some headway with the wall-washing and priming this weekend, but then yesterday was too nice to be inside (so I went hiking) and today I feel like knitting and watching Harry Potter.

I accomplish a lot of things, but they’re not always the ones that are on my list.  The simple way to solve that problem is to add them to the list post-doing-them, and immediately cross them off.  Wow.  Amaze!


2 thoughts on “Dead again

  1. That adding-then-crossing-off thing is totally cheating.

    But it sure feels good to look at that list with a bunch of stuff crossed off, doesn’t it?

  2. I like feeling like I’ve accomplished something. Is it a bad thing if the things on one’s list are the last things you get around to doing?

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