I’ve been going to Glacial Park for years – mostly to get on the bike path that runs along its edge – and before yesterday I didn’t know that there were kames in the park (or I did, but didn’t have a sense of how big they were) or that you could hike along their ridge line.

I was headed over to Anderson’s (my favorite chocolate shop) in Richmond, and my route takes me right by Glacial Park, so after I picked up some candy for the family, I went photo hiking.

I’ve mostly hiked around the kettles and boggy areas. And I’ve taken some classes at their visitors’ center which took us out into the woods (to study plants and birds), but somehow I’ve never taken the trails that lead up to the kames. How did I miss them all this time?

It made me think about the Appalachian Trail and all of the excellent views I missed because I injured myself almost as soon as I started hiking. These kames are probably the closest things to mountains that we have in the midwest and the view from the top was pretty spectacular. I propose a kame-top picnic!


Glacial Park 12_2014


5 thoughts on “KAMES!

  1. You don’t already have one of those? I totally have a List of Things to Do with Kaysootee!

    I mean, I’m not sure where it is right now, and it’s probably kind of scattered across several lists in various places, but it’s totally a thing!

  2. I was tempted to yell, “Look! You can see the whole world!” like one of the buns does in the animated “Watership Down.”

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