Rearranging all the things

It’s going to happen eventually.  All of the furniture will end up in completely different places as I get around to painting walls and repairing windows and deciding what exactly I want to use for a desk and what I want to use to set the TV on.  I just had this thought about moving the table I’m sitting at OUT of the kitchen and into the office/other bedroom to be my desk, and then moving the table that’s in there out into the living room to be the TV stand…  And what a mess, because there are things on their surfaces already, and I’ll have to reorganize everything again.  So, yes, yes, I should just go knit.  Because I’m not ready to tackle these projects today.


6 thoughts on “Rearranging all the things

  1. I also like moving things, but this is all about efficiency chess – like, ok I want to move this there, but my intentions for “there” may also involve painting it at some point, so if I move it now, I’ll have to move it again… You can play efficiency chess with pretty much everything. It’s a highly evolved form of procrastination! Except that you can say, oh, I put that off because I was STRATEGIZING.

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