I dreamt the other night that my mother was pregnant.  She is 69.  Which is rather too old for that sort of nonsense.  But the dream was so vivid that I was pretty sure we’d had a discussion about it and that I had discovered that she was DELIGHTED to be with child.  But really, clueless, because she hadn’t done anything to prepare for said child (beyond the delight) – like consulting a obstetrician.  She also didn’t look pregnant to me.  I asked her a lot of probing questions and determined that she needed to see a doctor – either an obstetrician or a psychiatrist, and maybe both – so we could sort out what was really going on.  When I woke up I was distraught.  My mother is nuts!  Or she’s going to be in the Guinness World Records.  I tabled the idea while I got ready for work.  A few hours later I was sure it was all JUST A DREAM.

This sort of thing has happened before – the very lucid dreaming – but I still find it rather fascinating that you can believe in something so strongly one moment (this must be REAL!) and then a short time later, you are equally convinced that it is false.

I did talk to her about her “pregnancy” a few days later.  She isn’t.  And she’s 68 NOT 69 (her denial still echoes)!!!


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