Where I wonder

if my presenter is going to show up.  My usual presenter, the woman I’ve been working with for the past couple of years, found a new job.  Because we had scheduled a bunch of things in advance, she left that information with her supervisor so that substitutes could be found for the times/dates/topics we’d set.  It worries me when people aren’t in contact, so I always send reminders.  I haven’t heard anything back from the substitute speaker.  Which worries me.  Especially since she hasn’t been out to our facility before.

* * *

if my rabbit is ok.  I adopted a new rabbit friend a week ago.  Her name is Piper Doe Ravenclaw.  Mostly she’s great.  But I’m not doing so well getting her on Our Feeding Schedule.  Her GI tract seems to lock up every other day over something.  I think it’s because she wasn’t exposed to many fresh greens/vegetables in her previous situation.  She devours – with great enthusiasm – anything I put out for her, but then suffers GI TRAUMA overnight and when I give her her rabbit pellets in the morning, she has no appetite and won’t move.  It’s DISTRESSING.  I have to take her out and massage her belly and force-feed her the rabbit gruel (Oxbow’s Critical Care) leftover from Uther’s own convalescence and it makes both of us rather cross.  Today, she was NOT HAVING IT and she escaped several times and honked at me when I caught her.  Honking is a new one on me.  I don’t want to make her FEARFUL of me, but there’s not much I can do about it.  I don’t know her (or her digestive tract) well enough to say that she’ll probably feel better on her own in a few hours, so I can’t leave her until I’ve stuffed her full of some sustenance.  She was drinking again (even if she wasn’t talking to me) when I left for work this morning, so I think she’ll survive the day.

This interferes with my schedule as well, since I have to make sure she’s ok before I go about my day.  I am so appreciating Oatmeal right now, who is fine with whatever and however much I feed him.  I guess I’ll have to cut back on the fresh stuff until Piper’s system catches up.  If I could get her to eat hay (she loves to throw it everywhere and sit in it, but I haven’t seen her actually eat it), that would help a lot.  FIBER.  Is good for bunnies, too.

I still miss Uther like crazy.  My memorial to him is to periodically comment on his photos.  It’s hard to believe he is gone and is not going to hop out of a box (THAT’S where he’s been hiding all this time!) to come and greet me.  A few days after he’d passed away (and after I’d taken him to be cremated), I came home and there was this bun-shaped movement/reflection from the glass patio doors, which made me wonder if he’d been dancing across the kitchen one last time to let me know that he was happy and whole and without pain once again.  I hope.  If anybun deserves an afterlife rich with does and lazy flops in the sunshine, it is him.

This does not prevent me from posting gratuitous photos of Piper Doe’s buntocks on the FB.  Who does not love fluffy ‘tocks?

* * *

if I should bother updating the links on the teen site, which I maintain.  Because we have changed catalog interfaces several times in the past few years and its just getting irritating at this point.  I don’t have time to do anything new, because I’m constantly fixing the stuff that they broke with the last updates to catalog/content management systems.  Ok, as of this afternoon, no, no more.  I am just deleting them.


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