There’s nothing good on the internet today

Or maybe there is, but I’m home sick and I want it delivered to my doorstep rather than having to go out to find it.  Scratch that.  I want to care less about what’s on the internet and more about other things.  The internet is EATING MY LIFE.  There.  Head cold.  But I think I may be beating it.  I have expunged some truly horrible goo from my system.  It is good to be home.

I went to work yesterday even though I felt awful.  The thought was maybe I would feel less awful, but I was wrong.  It was however lunch date with my bosses day – they took me out for my 10 year anniversary.  At the last minute someone invited the director (or maybe he’d always been invited and I just didn’t know?).  And when I asked if an hour was long enough to complete our errand of hunger someone said, “Well, it’s lunch and a meeting…”  All of this made me nervous for some reason – like, are they going to feed me and then fire me and when we get back am I going to have to clean out my desk and be escorted from the premises?  My thoughts go to interesting places sometimes.  I think some of my experiences have made me paranoid.  Anyway.  There was conversation, there was food, I am still employed.  I can’t say that I enjoyed it as much as I might have simply because ALL of my thoughts made me nervous, but I did save half my omelet to take home and I supplemented it with some additional spinach (for dinner) and I enjoyed the heck out of it once I’d reheated it.  Happy anniversary, Me!

* * *

The Flow hive launched earlier this week – Sunday.  My friend Ticia brought it to my attention.  These guys in Australia have been working on a new frame design that enables you to drain honey out of the frames without having to remove them from the hive or use an extractor.  If the frames actually work as advertised (and after watching their video and reading their promotional materials, I am pretty confident that they will), then there won’t be as much need to disturb one’s bees (except for regular health inspections), and beekeepers using the frames won’t need as much equipment (because you can empty them out as they fill up).

I’m really excited about trying them out – this whole beekeeping hobby is a huge experiment for me, so I figure why not, I don’t have anything to lose by turning my bees into guinea pigs.  We’ll be getting a few of the frames as well as one of their modified supers (the box to hold the frames) at the end of the summer.  If I’d been a little faster on the draw, I could have picked a “perk” (Indiegogo’s terminology) that shipped a bit earlier.  The initial response to the Flow hive was VERY positive – they were looking to start up with $70K, and they were well over a million when I last checked.  Ok, well over TWO million now.  Wow.  Check ’em out.

We won’t have the equipment until late August/September, so I don’t know how much luck we’ll have testing them this year, but I’m still enthusiastic about the prospect.  I’ve been debating whether or not to send an email to my bee club and mention the Flow hive – it’s likely someone has already heard about it.  Last night I got confirmation of this when I received our club’s monthly newsletter, where one of the contributors said he’s skeptical about the whole thing.  Once I saw how they worked, I was much less skeptical.  I find it interesting that this person – who has been very willing to experiment with other beekeeping methods (he tried to double queen his hive a couple years ago) – is so reluctant to embrace this possible innovation.

* * *

In other news…  I’m just going to start a new post because this stupid screen won’t scroll when I need it to.


2 thoughts on “There’s nothing good on the internet today

  1. I understand some people’s skepticism, but I don’t really get why they’re so vehement about it. Like, okay, maybe it will work and maybe it won’t, but the only way to find out is if some of us give it a try, right? Calm down, skeptics! You will be proven right or wrong in due time.

  2. Yeah, I’m not sure why that is either. Maybe it’s the Damn, wish I’d thought of that phenomenon. I wish I’d thought of it, too! Those guys are going to be able to retire on this. 🙂

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