I have slept the day away

But I am not miraculously healed.  Come on, body, FIGHT!  I suppose it is fighting, but it is not winning fast enough for the rest of me.

I was so cold yesterday (because my house is at 62, probably), so this morning, when I couldn’t sleep, I went to the gym around 6:30am and swam in the therapy pool for an hour.  The therapy pool is the super warm one – think warm bath water temperature.  It was so relaxing I almost fell asleep.  Which would probably have been bad, since there are no lifeguards on duty and were no other people in that pool at the time.  I did have the floaty barbells, which might have saved me if I’d held onto them in my sleep.  Best not to imagine this course.  The walk to the locker room was too far and the cold once again started to seep into my bones, so I stopped at the hot tub (even WARMER) and sat in there for a few minutes.  I’m dreaming of it again now, because my throat and head really hurt and I bet the warmth would feel wonderful.  I can’t quite convince myself that it’s worth getting into the car and driving over there, however, so I will probably just go back to bed.

I made it to my meeting with time to spare, and because of the snow that fell last night some of the speakers were running late (the guy whose commute was 2 hours and 40 minutes and who finished an entire audiobook on the way to the meeting wins), AND they’d planned for 30 minutes of networking (i.e. chat with your neighbors and make friends), so we didn’t really get started until after 10am. By which time my nose was full again and my head. It’s really hard to be social and/or charming (or responsive, really) when you can’t breathe. Things finally got rolling and the presenters were interesting and their material was definitely worth having shown up for. I even managed to talk to my neighbors a bit before it was over. Bleh. I called my supervisor from my car, “Hi, I made it to my meeting and have likely infected everyone there, but I can no longer breathe properly, so I’m going to go home now.” She was very properly, “Yikes, ew, don’t come in, anything we can do for you, feel better!”

Yes. I love my bed. And when it’s sunny in the afternoon, the sun comes right in my bedroom window and makes napping such a wonderful thing. I absorbed ALL the warmth. Maybe I made some vitamin D, too. This is good, because I had the last of my Vitamin D gummy vitamins today.

Obviously, I did not go in to give blood. They wouldn’t want it. It is riddled with germs.

And I skipped water aerobics tonight.

I did have a grilled cheese sandwich, though.


2 thoughts on “I have slept the day away

  1. I did go lay in the bathtub, CSEC. That is my go-to solution for re-heating me. Oh, except that I discovered running around the livingroom works well, too. I do have the whole 5th season of Downton Abbey to watch, so there could be a lot of running in the future.

    The other C reminded me that when I was little we had one of those facial steamer things that my mom MADE us use when we were sick. It would create steam and you had to put your face into it and put a towel over your head. I hated that thing, but have come to appreciate humidity in healing all of my upper respiratory infections.

    Because I slept all day, I had trouble falling asleep last night and spent some of that idle time rubbing my sinuses and beating on my chest. Oberon thinks it is funny that I enjoy a sort of regular beating massage sometimes. I used to do this for an older horse at the barn who liked it. It loosens phlegm, too (added bonus!). Maybe in one of my future careers I can be an animal massage therapist.

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