Of elderly dogs

The people next door carry their old sheltie down the stairs to the yard every time it has to go out. That dog is very loved.


Rabbit House

I found this blog awhile ago (in one of my rabbit health informational searches), and was delighted to read about the adventures of Scamp (the bun) and his mistress.  Scamp is a wild bun, who was hand-raised.  I wasn’t aware this was possible, but it seems it has worked out for him.  He’s a very inquisitive bun, and his person’s posts are full of pictures of Scamp being extremely “helpful” and curious.  Like most rabbits, he takes his inspections quite seriously.

Scamp’s person made him a scratching platform the other day (shown here), which I think Oatmeal would enjoy.  They sell things like this for cats, but I think making one mightn’t be too difficult.  Oatmeal is definitely a digger (if I were to categorize him).  I’m not sure what Piper Does is.  She hasn’t been terribly destructive one way or another.  She’s a jumper (I keep finding her on top of things I didn’t think she’d be able to scale), though, and a kisser.  After all of my squealing she’s stopped being a biter.  Thank goodness.  And after her surgery, she’s no longer a humper.  All of these things she isn’t.  What else will she be?

One of my favorite posts is the one where Scamp’s person illustrates how to “pack a parcel in 5 easy steps.”  Scamp is PARTICULARLY helpful.

Tamsin (Scamp’s person) has also written a book on rabbit behavior, which is quite good.

Categories and tags

And tags and categories and…  I’m no longer sure what to use.  For awhile there were only categories – no tags – and now there are both and having both seems excessive.  Is a category more encompassing?  Should I make fewer categories and more tags?  Can tags expand to be categories?  I accidentally added a bunch of additional categories when I thought I was making tags, and then duplicated them in the tags section.  Now everything is all FUBAR.  I maybe could delete one or the other, but that would require poking around in the Dashboard, and I can’t be bothered to right now.

In completely unrelated news, my Christmas cactus is about to bloom.  I guess whenever is good, cactus-friend.  Nice to see your buds.  Oh, I’m sorry, was that uncouth?

Speaking of flight paths…

I got to see the Sandhill cranes today when I went for my walk this afternoon.  There were several flocks, which all converged on the library, then circled together while the birds burbled madly at one another.  I relayed this information to my coworkers at the desk and was asked to repeat – several times – my interpretation of crane burblings.  I’m not sure my rendition is actually GOOD, but it is funny.  They are even funnier when they dance.  (As am I.)

Also saw:

Red-winged blackbirds
House finchHouse sparrow
Mourning dove
Canada goose
Kildeer (heard overhead in the parking lot at the gym this morning – hooray, they’re back!)


The last couple of nights I’ve felt like the outside noise was really loud, which I thought was weird, because I haven’t noticed anything up until now.  When I first moved in, I was actually struck by how very quiet it was – compared to my apartment, which was right next to a busy intersection that seemed to attract cavalcades of motorcycles.  UGH.  The noise I was hearing sounded – to me – like helicopters were flying directly over the house.  “Why am I suddenly in their flight path?” I wondered.  “Is there some kind of army training base nearby that’s running some kind of late night/early morning ops?”

Then I thought, well, maybe there’s just a lot of traffic all of a sudden – because the weather finally decided to get nice and people want to be OUT instead of hibernating inside their houses.  And what I’m hearing is probably road noise, which is louder right now because there’s no foliage on the trees to insulate us from the noise pollution.  Reasonable, right?

I got home from work today and heard the noise again – combined with the refrigerator running things were starting to sound a little cacophonous – and realized it was coming from the attic.  Oh.  It’s the ventilation fan.  So, that’s good, because I can go up there and figure out why it’s running.  Cue the dragging of the ladder from the garage into the house.  Not sure where my headlamp is at the moment (in a safe place, obvs), so I grabbed my flashlight and climbed into the hatch.  I hadn’t gotten a good look at the attic fan prior to this.  The inspector told me it was broken, my electrician went up there and said it was jammed – then unjammed it – and reset it so it would work, and I think it ran a few times before it got too cold and then I didn’t hear it all winter.  The warmest it’s been this week was 60 degrees, though.  I don’t *think* that that should heat my attic up past 120, which is what I thought the electrician said he’d set the temperature at.  It was, indeed, running, when I inspected it.  And after multiple repositionings of me across the rafters, I got a look at its electrical bits.  The cover for the box had a hole in it through which a knob was supposed to protrude.  It was askew, so I had to take it off.  The temp seemed to be set at 90 (still didn’t feel that warm to me up there), so I turned the knob up a bit.  The fan switched off, and it was immediately much less noisy in my house.  So, that’s good.  I’m still not sure the thermostat is sensing correctly, so I guess my next step is to get a thermometer up there, so I can tell how warm it *really* is and whether I need to adjust accordingly.

Next time I head up into the attic, I will remember to change out of anything fleecy, because holy crap, I have a ton of insulation stuck to my pants right now.  #feelingbothhandyandincrediblyattractive

You know what Red Green says, “If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.”  Probably I need to lay in a supply of duct tape to realize my dreams of becoming Just Like Him.

Simethicone, what’s good for a gassy doe

So, Piper Doe continues to struggle with her GI issues.  She is sort of fine for awhile, and then something throws her off again and she cycles back to “Ouch!  Gassy!” and won’t eat.  I got her some Simethicone, which is what you give to gassy babies – it is, according to the Greater Rabbit Network, safe for buns, too.  I’ve dosed her twice so far.  It’s supposed to help gather the gas bubbles together and allow them to pass through her intestines more easily.  She was already pretty gurgle-y, but now she gets to be flatulent as well.  Yay for a poot-y rabbit!

This is only a temporary measure.  It should help her eat, since she’ll feel better (indeed, she has already chowed down on some kale), but I’m not sure exactly what to do about feeding her.  She LOVES fresh greens (parsley, kale, dill, cilantro), but I think they contribute to the gas problem.  The rabbit pellets she eat also seem to make her gassy.  And I can’t get her to eat much of her hay – especially when she’s not feeling well.  [I am really learning to appreciate Oatmeal’s “Bun of Steel” digestive tract and how easy it is to get him to nibble on anything – simply annoy him with it.  Poke Piper with hay and she just puts her head down and submits to the torture.]

So, tomorrow I will head over to Farm & Fleet and pick up some Bene-bac, which I’ve given to my rabbits before – concurrent with a course of antibiotics (to restore their GI flora), to see if that will help with the problem.  And I’m going to get some other kinds of hay (she needs fiber) and try to get her to eat that.  Something must work.

Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake that Doe bun, shake that Doe bun!  <– This is what I sing to her while I gently rock her belly from side to side.  She tolerates this pretty well, so it must make her feel a little better.  The move where you pick up her hindquarters and gently bounce it, however, is a little too weird.  🙂

Some Lists

Birds I saw today:
Red-tailed hawk
Flock of grackles
Canada geese
Northern cardinal (not Space – no bubble helmet present, but singing his heart out)
Sandhill cranes (only heard)

Things I ran out of:
Chocolate chips (not too serious, since we started celebrating Pi(e) day early)
Peanut butter (see above – I was well-fortified in snacks)

Things I discovered:
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix – unexpectedly entertaining)
How to felt (and that it’s not that hard)

Things that made me cry:
Finding out Terry Pratchett had died
Looking at all the stuffed animal rabbits Walmart has for Easter and wondering if they will ever be loved
The picture of Uther I set as my desktop background on my laptop
Every stupid little thing