I am that kind of sick that can barely get out of bed and have alternated sleep with coughing my brains out pretty much all day. I am ready to go into stasis while my body/immune system mops up the rest of this. I hope I’m better tomorrow, but I really can’t say for sure how I will feel.

Feels like the flu I had on the way home from Hawaii a few years ago. Sans (so far) the vomiting. Yay? I have been queasy feeling all day, which has made eating interesting. I’m battling So.Hungry. with Gonna.Barf. if I eat that. So, yeah. English muffins are really good. Without anything on them.

If I ever recover, I’m not hanging out with any more sick people.


3 thoughts on “Sick

  1. My plague carrying credentials are secure, it seems. =\ If only I could pick and choose whom to pass it on to…

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