Some Lists

Birds I saw today:
Red-tailed hawk
Flock of grackles
Canada geese
Northern cardinal (not Space – no bubble helmet present, but singing his heart out)
Sandhill cranes (only heard)

Things I ran out of:
Chocolate chips (not too serious, since we started celebrating Pi(e) day early)
Peanut butter (see above – I was well-fortified in snacks)

Things I discovered:
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix – unexpectedly entertaining)
How to felt (and that it’s not that hard)

Things that made me cry:
Finding out Terry Pratchett had died
Looking at all the stuffed animal rabbits Walmart has for Easter and wondering if they will ever be loved
The picture of Uther I set as my desktop background on my laptop
Every stupid little thing


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