Categories and tags

And tags and categories and…  I’m no longer sure what to use.  For awhile there were only categories – no tags – and now there are both and having both seems excessive.  Is a category more encompassing?  Should I make fewer categories and more tags?  Can tags expand to be categories?  I accidentally added a bunch of additional categories when I thought I was making tags, and then duplicated them in the tags section.  Now everything is all FUBAR.  I maybe could delete one or the other, but that would require poking around in the Dashboard, and I can’t be bothered to right now.

In completely unrelated news, my Christmas cactus is about to bloom.  I guess whenever is good, cactus-friend.  Nice to see your buds.  Oh, I’m sorry, was that uncouth?


One thought on “Categories and tags

  1. Tagging never seems to work the way I expect or would want it to, regardless of the medium.

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