Rabbit House

I found this blog awhile ago (in one of my rabbit health informational searches), and was delighted to read about the adventures of Scamp (the bun) and his mistress.  Scamp is a wild bun, who was hand-raised.  I wasn’t aware this was possible, but it seems it has worked out for him.  He’s a very inquisitive bun, and his person’s posts are full of pictures of Scamp being extremely “helpful” and curious.  Like most rabbits, he takes his inspections quite seriously.

Scamp’s person made him a scratching platform the other day (shown here), which I think Oatmeal would enjoy.  They sell things like this for cats, but I think making one mightn’t be too difficult.  Oatmeal is definitely a digger (if I were to categorize him).  I’m not sure what Piper Does is.  She hasn’t been terribly destructive one way or another.  She’s a jumper (I keep finding her on top of things I didn’t think she’d be able to scale), though, and a kisser.  After all of my squealing she’s stopped being a biter.  Thank goodness.  And after her surgery, she’s no longer a humper.  All of these things she isn’t.  What else will she be?

One of my favorite posts is the one where Scamp’s person illustrates how to “pack a parcel in 5 easy steps.”  Scamp is PARTICULARLY helpful.

Tamsin (Scamp’s person) has also written a book on rabbit behavior, which is quite good.


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