Simethicone, what’s good for a gassy doe

So, Piper Doe continues to struggle with her GI issues.  She is sort of fine for awhile, and then something throws her off again and she cycles back to “Ouch!  Gassy!” and won’t eat.  I got her some Simethicone, which is what you give to gassy babies – it is, according to the Greater Rabbit Network, safe for buns, too.  I’ve dosed her twice so far.  It’s supposed to help gather the gas bubbles together and allow them to pass through her intestines more easily.  She was already pretty gurgle-y, but now she gets to be flatulent as well.  Yay for a poot-y rabbit!

This is only a temporary measure.  It should help her eat, since she’ll feel better (indeed, she has already chowed down on some kale), but I’m not sure exactly what to do about feeding her.  She LOVES fresh greens (parsley, kale, dill, cilantro), but I think they contribute to the gas problem.  The rabbit pellets she eat also seem to make her gassy.  And I can’t get her to eat much of her hay – especially when she’s not feeling well.  [I am really learning to appreciate Oatmeal’s “Bun of Steel” digestive tract and how easy it is to get him to nibble on anything – simply annoy him with it.  Poke Piper with hay and she just puts her head down and submits to the torture.]

So, tomorrow I will head over to Farm & Fleet and pick up some Bene-bac, which I’ve given to my rabbits before – concurrent with a course of antibiotics (to restore their GI flora), to see if that will help with the problem.  And I’m going to get some other kinds of hay (she needs fiber) and try to get her to eat that.  Something must work.

Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake that Doe bun, shake that Doe bun!  <– This is what I sing to her while I gently rock her belly from side to side.  She tolerates this pretty well, so it must make her feel a little better.  The move where you pick up her hindquarters and gently bounce it, however, is a little too weird.  🙂


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