Somebody pointed out

that I haven’t written anything in awhile.  I have, though.  I’ve written whole books of things, but I’ve sent them winging their way to far flung destinations via my trusty mail carrier (who has finally stopped bringing me other people’s mail).

I just spent an hour playing around with tumblr, because it must be good for Something.  I’ve had an account for 3 years now and occasionally I go over there and create new tumblrs which I then never use.  On this particular visit, I was determined to switch over once and for all.  And then I accidentally spent 20 minutes customizing my DASHBOARD, which looks absolutely nothing like the blog.  I now like how the dashboard looks, but there are no templates that really match it, and I kind of hate the public view.  So, I’ll go back to ignoring it again and maybe it’ll get better, maybe not.

Here’s a list of things that happened this year (since I left you in the lurch in March):

  • Piper Doe, the best bunny girl ever, passed away.  That was two rabbits I lost in the space of a few months.  So awful.  I started to wonder if maybe I couldn’t manage to keep rabbits alive.  And think I was a very bad bunny mom.
  • I adopted Hickory from the rabbit shelter shortly after Piper’s death.  He had a very traumatic nail trimming and I was glad to get him home where I could make him comfortable and spoil him with lots of space, freedom to explore it, and all the hay he could fit in his belly.  He is thrilled to have joined my warren.
  • The bees did well this spring and summer and we invested in some Flow Frames to try out later this year (they didn’t arrive until late August, so there was not really much point in putting them on the hives so late in the season).  If you want ALL the beekeeping updates, I maintain a public page for Honeybritches on Facebook.
  • I did a lot of biking and kayaking during the warmer months.  There’s a major bike trail that connects just a mile or so from my house, and there’s a nearby park (used to be a gravel pit) that the city has transformed into a nice natural area that offers kayak rentals for $6.  It would be nice if I could put my own kayak in there (not allowed), but $6 definitely doesn’t break the bank.
  • Work was super busy ALL year and I over-scheduled myself a lot to accommodate all of the interest in the activities I’d planned – especially over the summer.  I really didn’t realize when I went for my degree that such a large part of my job would end up being event planning and execution.  I got into it for the books and the information.  But I like the connections I get to make with people, too.
  • I spent considerably less time on my computer, because the desktop died.  But, I compensated by doing most of my necessary updates and incessant social monitoring on my phone.  It’s so smart.  I just discovered that it can talk to my DVD player and screen cast things to my TV.  I haven’t found anything useful to screen cast, but the possibility exists. (You can see the external hard drives I mounted off to the right)IMG_20160103_202909[1].jpg
  • I caught up on a lot of Doctor Who and actually saw some of the episodes that make the Whovians squee.  The weeping angels are super creepy.  Martha Jones is now my favorite companion.  I got a lot of knitting and crocheting done while all of this was going on.
  • I read a ton of books.  Or something like 300.  I don’t really know.  I have been lazy about putting my reviews up on Goodreads, which is how I was keeping track before.  I have written all the reviews, they’re just waiting to go up and everything has to be properly tagged/categorized/shelved.  Goodreads is still super slow for me, so the process takes forever.  There are still reviews I have to locate on one of my desktop hard drives (the one I haven’t accessed yet).
  • I made a straw bale garden and grew things in it.  All of the the things I planted in the straw produced except for the peppers.  They didn’t even come up as far as I could tell.  And the broccoli never got any broccoli heads because it was BESET by something that found it delicious.
  • I started a home plumbing course, because, necessity.  Right now I have a disabled toilet in the corner of my half bath because I have to fix a leak.  But, when I removed the toilet, the flooring underneath seemed to have suffered some water damage AND the toilet flange was rusted away.  So, now I have to take up the floor, too.  And while I’m at it, I should just get some new tile.  And there never was a sink or vanity in there, so that should probably happen, too.  Hey, new bathroom, coming soon!  (But not too soon.)
  • There are a number of other house projects I’m working on as well.
  • I did finally paint ONE wall in the livingroom.  It is ok.  I might not really like the color.  I have a lighter shade of it, so I will try that on the other walls (some day) and see if that is any better.  I bought the paint for this project LAST February.
  • I watched the first season of a show called “Fixer Uppers,” and I love what they do.  It makes me want to knock out walls, because it’s just that easy.  If I knock them out, I won’t have to paint them.  Hmm.
  • I am curious about whether I can take out some of the weird columns?  Supports?  in the space around my front door and kitchen.  They’re just in the way.  Really.  People run into them.  Well, one person.  He counts.
  • Right, I think the point was that there’s a lot of house stuff going on, or would be if I were motivated to finish anything.
  • The Pinterest app may have eaten my life.
  • I finally saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens and can stop la-la-la-ing whenever someone mentions it.  This is a relief.  My brother will be so happy.
  • I’m sure there’s more.  I keep getting distracted, though.

3 thoughts on “Somebody pointed out

  1. Ah! It has been a while since I have gotten your blog in my email! I think you’re one of the only people I subscribe to, and you consistently make me want to write back to you!

    I love your house adventures. The toilet one sounds intense. Looking forward to more bee news in the spring. AND KAYAKS I AM JEALOUS KAYAKS!

  2. Dear csecooney, I am so pleased to know that you read this. I have officially Made it. 🙂 If I slack off again here, I’ll have to send you more letters.

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