Where I wait, but not really

When I get home from work – doesn’t seem to matter what time, whether I stay late for an aqua class or whether I come home straight away – I am starving.  I’m emulating my rabbits who pretend that they have never ever in the history of the WORLD been fed.  That is how it feels.  Mostly I have prepared meals in advance, or I have a number of ingredients that are prepped and can be thrown together in a few minutes.  But if it takes longer than about 20 minutes to assemble, you can bet I am pre-meal snacking.  Tonight, I’m baking the lasagna.  And the lasagna takes an hour and then 5 minutes to cook.  And then 5 minutes to cool.  That is way longer than I can hold out.  So, my pre-dinner dinner has included a bowl of mini-wheats, broccoli, cheese, chocolate chips…  Oh dear.  It’s like I’ve HAD dinner already.  I have, haven’t I?  And the lasagna is still 40 minutes from being done.

I did try to distract myself.  I read Consumer Reports.  I washed all the dishes.  I fed the rabbits.  I put things away.  But there was still TIME remaining.  Or I may be fast.


10 thoughts on “Where I wait, but not really

  1. I think it’s just a habitual thing. I’m the same way- even if I ate on the way home, as soon as I walk in the door I have to stick something in my mouth. Stupid psychology.

  2. Depends how much is left when I get to those. I have to work Saturday so I may not have the time I wanted to try it. I can always buy more, and in the meantime they are dlshs. ^_^

  3. Well it included ingredients for potatoes and some other groceries and a set of pyrex pans.

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