3 day workweeks

I’m becoming a fan of the 3-day workweek after play (work?) testing it for the last 3 weeks.  My challenges are naps and then staying up too late reading or watching home improvement shows.  I got a little obsessed while I was making all of those kitty butt coasters.  And just like my supply of scrap yarn, there seems to be no end of home renovation programming.  This is wonderful and terrible.  I have also finished three books in the last two days.

I do what I want!

And that’s been “hibernate.”

We had my birthday luncheon today at Mago Grill.  The food was delicious, but the space was poorly lit and the glare from the windows made it impossible to see my family.  They will make fresh guacamole for you at the table for a ridiculous price.  I was tempted to take them up on it, but I don’t think my brother or my father like it.  So, it would have been just me and Bom.  They are all sick again.  Hope I don’t catch it!

I’ve heard owls calling outside the past couple of nights, and a few nights prior to that.  I hope this means that they are nesting nearby.  I listened to a bunch of calls on my iBird app and looked at species ranges, and without any visual aids to help me identify them, I’m guessing that they are Great Horned owls.  Pretty neat.  I’d love to see owls in the wild (suburban wilds).

Yesterday, as part of my art adventure series (you can read about my goals on my refrigerator), I took a short course on screen printing.  Very informative, but did not make it at all feasible to replicate the process at home without a great deal of hassle and expense.  I did look up an Instructables project later on that tells you how to do it on the cheap.  (Like without the special emulsion solution and the vacuum/exposure machine, the power washer set up, and the aluminum framed screens.)   We spent about 20 minutes sketching and then transferring our designs to a plastic film with markers/paint.  We “burned” them onto the screen as a collage and then tried to print from that.  Two of ours did not transfer well (mine and another woman’s), so the prints weren’t that great.  I did save a couple of our instructor’s images – she designed a sloth riding a bicycle.  Very cute.  The class ran over time because we tried a second burn with a fresh screen (and different paint).  The process, while complex, was still very interesting.  I will try out the cheap method on my own sometime.

Next up: horseback riding lessons/practice this Wednesday!


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