Positively balmy

The snow has gone all melty and drippy outside.  I can hear the droplets plinking off the gutters.  I assume that’s happening out there and not up in the attic somewhere.

It’s past my bedtime, and I should sleep, but I keep thinking about things and they’re turning into the sorts of Things that keep me awake.  When I have lots of questions and no answers, my brain gets super inventive.

So.  Now we sleep.  And have perplexing dreams that end up all shouty.


2 thoughts on “Positively balmy

  1. My last two weird dreams: The Three Bears (yes, those three) and the other was about this elegant, rich old couple whose dream home was plagued by an infestation of what is best described as spikey pea-sized pollen like particles that would lodge in the nasal cavities of humans which resulted in everybody being embarrassed by the urgent need to publicly pick those giant boogers from their noses using tablespoons.

    Yeah, I know!

  2. So, wait, were you one of the 3 bears or were you Goldilocks (the image!) or were you Innocent Bystander/Narrator dude? Nostrils are an interesting dream feature…

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