Round is a shape

So, I’ve reached that awkward stage where my workouts are starting to increase my muscle tone… Unfortunately, that just makes my extra padding stick out more.  Yes, my fat is now extra perky.  Yay.  I think this is when people throw in the towel and grab the Doritos.  Mmm.  But, I promised the horses I’d be a lighter burden asap.

I hate obsessing about eating and exercise, but the only way I’ve managed to successfully slim down is to monitor Everything I eat and Everything (active) I do.  This thing I do where I try to ignore all of that (because it’s tedious) definitely does not work.

I miss my bike rides.  And having jeans that fit.  Bleh.


5 thoughts on “Round is a shape

  1. My work pants also no longer fit, I have taken to holding my breath to button them, zipping them, cinching my belt, and then undoing the button so I can breathe properly again. And I have no new muscle tone to blame, so… yeah. =\

    *chubby squishes*

  2. I have no muscle tone AT ALL.

    I gave up and started in on the Doritos long before ever having even picked up a towel. Never procrastinate, I say.

  3. Yum. Doritos. Someone asked me the other day what food(s) I couldn’t resist. I decided this was an offer to Bring me said food(s), so I said, “Cool Ranch Doritos!” <– with a great deal of enthusiasm. Alas. They have not yet appeared. Maybe the point was more coercion based? What can I get you to do if I use Doritos as the carrot? Hmm…

  4. WordPress is deleting my fs for some reason. Randomly. And maybe also your fs, too. Unless yours was intentional. In my last response, I typed one too many, and then erased the extra one, which cause the first one to disappear, too, and now it’s happening here as well. ONLY WITH Fs. What the F?

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