I decided to update the music on my iPod this afternoon (which hasn’t seen that sort of update since I don’t know when).  It wasn’t set up to automatically sync anything because I’m just that kind of control freak…actually, I had to set it up to manage everything manually at some point so that I could download audiobooks from the library’s lending service.  No audiobooks currently checked out (also, I’m using my phone and the app for this now), so it seemed like a good time to add some new stuff.

As it turns out, it’s going to be all new stuff, because I lost all of my playlists (not realizing that they weren’t stored in this version of iTunes).  I had a tiny ARGH moment and then shrugged and decided, well, I’ve been listening to most of those songs for the past 2 years, so really, it was time to freshen up.  The tracks/music are all still in my library somewhere, but I have no idea what the exact lists were.  Not terrible, but a slight setback in my plan to have some music on while I whip up some soup in the kitchen.

I hate iTunes.


2 thoughts on “Whoops

  1. Yeah, iTunes is a pain in the ass. I much prefer Window Media (blasphemy!) because it’s so much more user friendly. The Windows program is a music whore. It’ll load just about anything you give it from anywhere.

    iTunes on the other hand, won’t allow you to load from anything from any device it isn’t currently in a monogamous relationship with.

    I have a iPod and a Sony Walkman (no, not THAT kind of Walkman) and I will say that the Apple hardware IS much nicer.

    If only we could get the Apple device to work with Windows Media Player – that’d be the ideal!

  2. I think if I had a different player or if I had more space on my phone, I’d just use Windows Media Player. I have hated iTunes for YEARS now. It is such a hot mess. So, I’ll do a little happy dance when I can finally bid it farewell.

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