New Diet – Courtesy of Adventure

So I finally unpacked my scale and weighed myself.  THAT was traumatic.  I did some internal wailing and whimpering and then moved on.  I started a DIET this past weekend – not any of the popular fad diets, but one where I just pay attention to what I eat and track the hell out of it.  And exercise, yes.  I was doing that, but I think the foot pain got in the way a bit, and also the eating like I am still on my warm weather biking schedule did me in.  FUEL.  FUEL FOR BIKING.

I came up with a name for it this morning – “The Don’t Crush the Tiny Icelandic Horses Diet.”  Since that’s part of the goal.  I sincerely hope not to crush their little backs and tiny hopes.  Do Icelandic horses have tiny hopes?  I hear my traveling partner has started something similar.  We will be like clouds of happiness upon their backs.  Right?

I had my second riding lesson this week.  Copenhagen was my noble steed (again).  He did not buck me off, so there’s that.  😉  My instructor revealed that when she first asked him to canter he bucked.  She didn’t come off, but he definitely had second thoughts about picking it up.  No cantering.  We may try it next time.  On a different horse.  But I said that last time, didn’t I?

We worked on a cloverleaf pattern.  Which I haven’t done before.  My instructor laid 4 poles out in a square in the middle of the riding ring and as we rode around the circular ring, I was supposed to have Copenhagen turn in at the center of each pole and then loop off to the left (or right, depending on which side we were working on), then come back in at the next pole.  It wasn’t so hard at a walk, but once we got trotting, we came up on those poles much faster than I’d anticipated.  In theory I grasped the concept, but in practice, I only asked my horse to turn in at every OTHER pole.

During our first pass at a trot, Copenhagen sort of tripped over a pole and kicked up some sand which hit a metal gate and made what must have been a Very Startling Noise, because he spooked and shot away from the noise.  Oh, silly horse.  I didn’t fall and I wasn’t scared, but I took it a little easy on him for a few passes after that to make sure he was ok with everything.  I kind of mucked up the exercise/pattern, but Copenhagen DID everything I asked him to do, so the pattern errors were all mine.  Good boy!

I’m considering making myself available as a volunteer in the future.  It would be nice to just be around horses, too.  And do all the horse chores and get to know them better instead of just in 30 minute pockets.  It’s hard to know/trust ANYONE in 30 minute increments.  It would be even better if I could trade volunteer hours for time in the saddle (that was an option when I was in school).


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