But definitely not hot.

I’ve been trying to fix this problem with my bank and a statement I’m supposed to be able to access online, except that they made it impossible to do so when they deleted the account (which was closed earlier this month).  I should point out that they emailed me AFTER the account had been closed to tell me that the statement was there.

I figured they could just mail me a copy.  To my house.  The street address of which they have on file.  So I messaged them through my account’s message center and got a response back a couple of days later saying that they aren’t able to deal with those kinds of issues online.

Really, what kind of issues CAN they deal with online?  I’ve already had to go in once this month to close that account.  This online banking is supposed to make my life EASIER, not more complicated.  Plus I have to talk to a banker every time and they feel compelled to try to upsell me on all kinds of crap that I don’t want.

So, I may have screamed a lot internally, because I have a headache now.  I didn’t even know how to respond to this.  Finally I wrote back, “That’s ridiculous.”  Because it is.

Partof the reason I’m furious is that as a librarian, I would bend over backwards (and have!) to help someone resolve something like this.  And they could totally send me an email to initiate the process.

I detest you, bank.  And I have for a long time.  Moving on.


4 thoughts on “Bothered

  1. UGH!!! I hate, hate, dealing with banks! Stuff like this is the reason I’ve stayed with / have gone back to my Dad’s Credit Union. I somewhat left in an attempt to assert my independence and ended up spending a ridiculous amount of money due to my misunderstanding (how they put it) or their misrepresenting (how I saw it) their policies. I will be so sad if they fold or decide to get rid of since my dad retired quite a while ago.

  2. Banks are dumb. Although I’ve had fairly decent customer service from Bank1/Chase myself, I’ve also heard horror stories from others about them, so *shrug*.

    Hope you find a more convenient financial institution!

  3. There are 3 localish credit unions that I’m in the process of researching. Hopefully I can find a bank that I like better.

  4. I’m also annoyed with my credit card, too, since they charged me a bunch of fees for “international” transactions when I put in a deposit for the Iceland trip. Really?? I’m getting a new card that doesn’t do that. Plus other benefits! Looking forward to it! I think often we stick with the stuff we know just because inertia is hard to overcome. Change All the Things! And welcome in the new era.

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