Not a Soup, but a Meatball!

Swedish Meatballs, from Damn Delicious <– which is not a lie! (recipe here)

Somewhere in the midst of all the soups, I decided to try out a recipe for Swedish meatballs, which is amazing.  I would eat those all the time if they were available.  It’s a bit time consuming because you have to brown the meatballs in batches (and messy, if you aren’t working with something to control the splatter – I did have a splatter shield that fits over my pan, but had to keep removing it to turn them, so I don’t think it made a lot of difference in keeping the stove surface clean).  These meatballs have a little allspice and nutmeg in them, which is what gives them (I guess) that *Swedish* flavor.  This is a recipe I’m going to try on my dad someday.  I have no pictures of the finished product (cuz I ate them), but you should go over to Damn Delicious and drool over them there.  I have made this recipe a couple times now in the past 5 months.


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