Soupsperiment 1

Shrimpwk1Back in October, I was pinning all kinds of soup recipes on Pinterest and things were getting a little out of control.  Hungry all the time, drooling on my screen, and, inevitably, being overwhelmed by the amount of recipes out there (to the point where I was making none of them).  So, I decided to start my soupsperiments – where I’d make one soup recipe every week.  This works well in cooler weather, plus I need meals to take to work every day for lunch.  Win-win!

My first soup was a Brazilian Shrimp Stew (Moqueca de Camaroes) created by Melissa Sevigny (recipe here).

It is still my favorite of the soups I have tried, though there are some others that I will make again.  One of the challenges that I set for myself was to follow (at least initially) other people’s recipes EXACTLY.  That went out the window pretty quickly, because I often can’t be bothered to go out and get ingredients I don’t have when I can easily substitute something else.  I also discovered that I don’t really like super creamy soups (at least, not for more than one bowlful), and since I’m on the Tiny Horse Diet, adding lots of cream or butter or flour to thicken soups is not really the way I want to go.

My changes to this recipe were minimal.  I had extra red peppers and shrimp, so I just added them and made it a little chunkier than it had been.  Also, I didn’t think it needed any salt or pepper (this is optional/to taste anyway, so not actually a change).

I think this would be equally tasty with some kind of white fish or even tofu.  It reminded me a little bit of Thai Panang curry, which I love.


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