Soupsperiment 11

MushroomSoup11 (2)Mushroom Soup, from Life Currents (recipe here)

My mom heated up some canned mushroom soup as a snack while we were waiting on Turkey day dinner, and after looking at it all I could think about was all of the delectable recipes for mushroom soup I’d seen on Pinterest.  The canned version was just not what I was hoping for.  All my notes for this recipe say are “Very Good.”  And I told my mom about it and offered to make it for her in the future (because we should all have a mushroom soup that is Very Good and not canned – unless you’re canning  your own?).

I wasn’t able to find all of the varieties of mushrooms it called for, so I ended up with baby bellas primarily.  I did find the dried Shitake mushrooms, but almost didn’t get them because they were pretty expensive.  Fungus should not cost $6 for a little bag.  I guess when compared to truffles…I have no leg to stand on.  Still!!!

The recipe suggests running the dried mushrooms through your food processor.  I tried chopping them on the cutting board instead.  This was ok, except for the part where mushroom pieces shot across the room (I need to work on my knife skills, obvs).  You probably get a thicker soup if you use the food processor method, though.

I will definitely make this one again.


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