Soupsperiment 13

It all gets wonky now.  I was keeping track of my soupsperiments on Facebook, but figured I was boring people to tears with my soup achievements and sloppy food photography.  Really, good food photography can be very involved and I just don’t have the patience for it when all I really want to do is TASTE my creations and ENJOY them.  This is also a better way for me to keep track of them, since FB doesn’t provide the organizational structure to do that.  I did end up throwing all of the photos into an album, but when I moved them, I lost all the notes that went along with the original posts.  Hassle.

The point is that I’ve continued to make soups, but I haven’t been real good about which ones were made when, so that’s the part that gets wonky.  I *can* tell you what I thought of them, and I can reference the actual sites they came from (since I printed these puppies out, instead of jotting them down in the soupsperiments notebook <– also my beekeeping notebook/journal, also, also running out of space DANGER!).  And I haven’t been taking pictures of anything.  I’ve just been falling on finished soups like a starving animal.  I mean, that’s probably worth documenting as well (maybe even more so than the soups), so if anyone would like to volunteer to be in the same room with me when the soups come to completion, you’re welcome to do so.

* * *

Cauliflower Chowder (after much ado), from Damn Delicious (recipe here)

This was delicious the day I made it, but taking it for lunches wasn’t great.  The bacon got a little water-logged in the soup.  Because of my problems with spatter, I made the bacon in the oven.  Where, I presume it spattered to its heart’s content.  I also used foil on my pan, so the cleanup wasn’t too awful.  Look at how smart I’m getting with my cooking!

I skipped adding flour for thickening.  What I *would* do in the future is puree some of the cauliflour and use that to thicken the soup.  Probably you don’t even need milk either.  I’d leave that out as well in future versions.  Yes, bacon, all the way.


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