Soupsperiment 2

ChickenLimewk2_2Mexican Chicken Lime Soup – Rachael Ray (recipe here)

Looking at the recipe for this and looking at the results made me think that it would leave me hungry.  But, there was a lot of chicken in it, so that wasn’t the case.  It was also super easy to throw together.  My notes say “I would make this again” mostly because of its simplicity, but I probably won’t make this again, because there are lots of other soups that I’d rather have again.  Still, it had a nice spiciness to it and the lime juice brightened it up, too.  I had plenty of avocado around the house when I made this, but I kept forgetting to add it to my lunches.  (That would have bulked it up a bit!)  I also left out the tortilla chips because I just eat whatever tortilla chips come into my house – forget the soup!  When I picked this recipe out I was looking for a really hearty tortilla soup.  So, if I made this again, or if I make something *like* this again, I will add beans and tomatoes and maybe some corn to it.  AND avocado.


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