Soupsperiment 3

BeefStewwk3Easy Crock Pot Beef Stew, from Gonna Want Seconds (recipe here)

According to the recipe, this makes 4 servings.  I skipped the potatoes when I made it and was going to use cauliflower instead, but I could not fit everything in my little crock pot.  Aaand, I think this makes more like 8-10 servings.  Unless we’re talking Oberon-style servings, in which case, there were 2.  (Just kidding.)

I ended up steaming the cauliflower separately and then pouring the stew over it when I put my lunches together in their little plastic containers.

I skipped the beef bouillon cubes entirely, because I read the ingredients on the package and was horrified (<– see what I mean about altering recipes?  It’s like I physically just can’t not do it).  So, to get some additional beefy flavor I added a little over a cup of beef broth and 1/3 cup of Marsala wine (which was lurking in my pantry from another recipe I’d tried).  Also garlic.  This recipe had no garlic.  Whaaat??  I had the celery, but somehow forgot it (accidental change!).  And, like I said, there was too much food for the pot, so I had to add half the mushrooms after the first contingent had cooked down a little bit.

I learned a new technique for browning meat with flour, and I was sneaking tastes of the beef all along the way.  I would just eat the beef like this and skip the stewing of everything else.  My recipe came out less thick (the photos on Gonna Want Seconds make this look AMAZING), and I did not want to eat it for a whole week.  But I did.  So, there.


One thought on “Soupsperiment 3

  1. You are not incorrect about the servings for me. I can eat a lot of soop. Which I did at lunch today.

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