During my last riding lesson, Hawk tossed me out of the saddle when he saw gremlins midway across the arena (I’m half way through “Centered Riding,” by Sally Swift which suggests that this is a real possibility, especially if you forget to breathe – this is only partly tongue-in-cheek; you do transfer a lot of your feelings to your horse if you are tense, and one of the signs of tension is holding your breath).  He bounced to the left, and I pretty much hovered in the air above the spot where his back had been.  And then I didn’t.  It was one of those things that happened so fast it’s hard to remember/reconstruct the event.  I thought initially that it was my left foot that got stuck in the stirrup, but after thinking about it and examining the bruise on my right knee, it appears that it was my right foot.  Hawk went left, I went off to the right.  He was facing me when I fell, and I almost caught myself, but couldn’t get my foot out of the right stirrup.  I landed on my butt, so, it was a well-padded landing, and had a sore cheek/right hip for a couple days (plus the bruise on the side of my right knee).  Otherwise, I’m fine.  We did a lap or so with me leading him on the ground and then I got back in the saddle and we went back to our lesson without any more shenanigans.  Things actually clicked better after that and I had Hawk at a nice slow trot going both directions.  Briefly disappointed at the beginning of our lesson because we had been looking forward to using the larger arena, but a therapy patient unexpectedly showed up for his lesson, so we got reassigned.  I am hoping that when it gets warmer we’ll be able to ride outside (I think they have an outdoor arena) and have some more room to work with.

I’ve got another lesson coming up this week.  It would be nice if I could find my rhythm again.  I have lots of theory in my head, and exercises to help me practice, plus I know I’m capable of it since I’ve done it before.  <– Having done it before is what makes it frustrating since I’m not quite there right now.  Maybe I’ll ask my instructor if we can do balancing exercises while she lounges the horse – I can practice dropping my stirrups and sitting and posting a trot, and raising my arms to work on centering.


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