Your designer is a rabbit

I ordered some samples from FLOR the other day (the carpet tile people) to see them in person and decide what kind of colors/patterns I want to put down in the kitchen for Hickory.  There are a bunch of different styles I’m considering.

I gota message today from one of their designers, offering to help me design something special.  I wrote back explaining how my rabbit would be making the final call…  I thought it was sort of funny, but she probably thinks I’m either crazy or an asshole.  Also possible, I guess.

Still.  Looking forward to seeing my samples!  Hickory will be excited, too.  He just doesn’t know it yet.


2 thoughts on “Your designer is a rabbit

  1. Maybe I should have Meander (Norman) assist me in rearranging / decorating my room. I think I know what his decorating scheme will be…SOFT EVERYWHERE and things to claw and a bunch of dangly bits. I asked him if this was true. He head bumped me and purred. So I’m guessing, yes.

  2. He makes excellent choices that should enhance his lifestyle. I have not heard back from the designer. Sort of disappointing.

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