Body in Revolt

Not to be confused with “revolting body.” I started off this week with a puffy eye that was a little sore and a little dry, like maybe I’d scratched it in my sleep.  The swelling has finally gone down.  Can you have an allergic reaction in just one eye?  Or maybe I punched myself in my sleep?  I accidentally punched the wall yesterday, so I’ve got a bruised knuckle from that.

A few weeks ago I changed into my riding boots in the grass by the trailer parking (my car was over there, too, since there was no room next to the barn) and got a bunch of chigger bites for my trouble.  They’re the worst.  Itch for days.  My discomfort went on for at least a week and I still have the healing welts.

Picked up some mosquito bites this Wednesday when I took my horse friend out for a trail ride along the road side.  Those didn’t itch so badly (I think my bee venom protects me).

Blisters in three places on my feet because three different pairs of shoes were unsuitable for a brisk walk at lunchtime.  Now it’s 90 degrees out, so I’m hiding in the air conditioning.  I guess my feet will have time to recover.

Blister on my thumb from paddling my kayak.

Bruises on my knees from accidentally whacking them into my desk.

And the newest – raw spot in my mouth that’s making it painful to eat anything (not that that’s stopping me – it’s more like a challenge to see what I *can* eat that doesn’t hurt; so far, yogurt!).  I really hope it heals soon.  It’s like a burn, where all of the skin has peeled off and the new flesh underneath is tender and oozy.  Yum.  Honestly, I think I came by this from some poorly planned salt and vinegar chips snacking.  Those wreak havoc on my mouth.  Never again! (Until next time.)

I hope I survive this month.