I am Fuchsia! I am me!

I like to imagine having my own set of secret rooms (in a castle, with hidden passageways), and a turret, and a comfortable window seat.  And boy-howdy do I ever wish I had a Steerpike with a magnetic chest to forgive.  Oh the things I would stick to it.  Sweet, sweet, kissable Steerpike.  Such lips.  He’s my new crush.

I like to write about my dreams.  They’d make good fiction.

Some random interests: art, autumn, baklava, boing fish, bunnies, compulsive recycling, curiosity, diatoms, drawrrring, feeling of buffed nails, glowy plankton, Gormenghast, hand-written correspondence, hiking, kelp, kildeer, monkeybread, mushroom hunting, ostriches near their nests, postcards, quirky memoirs, sandhill cranes, the nuthatch, the word peculiar, toast, toasted cheese sandwiches, uno, vegetables, very small rocks, wandering, writing, your mom


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