My day

I overdid things yesterday – long bike ride before work, school visit, info desk at night.  Felt like I’d been run over by the time I got home.  Woke up and couldn’t face doing it again.  My health feels fragile (especially with half our staff coming down with the plague).  So I’ve been home knitting scales and watching every flavor of Alice in Wonderland that I’ve been able to borrow through the library.  I’m about to start #4.

The first one was a play production with a very young Meryl Streep (she wears pink overalls and has frizzy hair and sings and dances).  The man who plays the Cheshire Cat is also fantastic.  And the Queen of Hearts has a blood red swishy dress that’s just divine.  It’s kind of gloomy and weird (the music isn’t anywhere near as catchy as the Disney version), but I enjoyed seeing something new.

I also watched theTV version with Whoopi Goldberg as the Cheshire Cat.  This was one I thought was a favorite, but it seems that’s no longer the case.  The Alice in this version is so anxious about performing a piece at her parents’ afternoon tea that she runs away to Wonderland where the denizens help her out with her self confidence.  I did like that the Wonderland people and creatures were all guests from the tea party back in the real world.

#3 was the Disney one, and so far I like it the best.  The music is good, and their Alice is confident and comfortable being  dreamy and with nonsense.  There’s still that tension between her growing up and staying a child, but she’s less hesitant than some of the other Alices.  Plus she talks to Dinah and expects a response.

I’m about to start “Jan Svankmajer’s Alice & Darkness Light Darkness,” which I don’t think I’ve seen before.

I was going to go out and get some things at the store, but it’s started to snow.  So…I have put some ingredients in the bread machine and the oven and I’m letting these appliances do their magic.

Totally unrelated to anything: I downloaded a new browser for my phone – UC browser.  It has a little squirrel icon with mysterious tattoos.  So far I like it.


of my diminishing attention span:

This morning I got dressed and put on a bra, then started to put on another one on top of the first.  I guess you can never have too much support.  Halfway through this I stopped and looked at the mess o’ bras and thought, “Hey, now.  That’s a lot of bras.”  Everything is fine here now.

Doctor Glas

“We want to be loved.  Failing that, admired; failing that, feared; failing that, hated and despised.  At all costs we want to stir up some sort of feeling in others.  The soul abhors a vacuum.  At all costs it longs for contact.” (as quoted in “My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry,” by Fredrik Backman; from “Doctor Glas,” by Hjalmar Söderberg)


my OKC profile today.  Completely.  It was as satisfying as creating it.  I got a message from OKC saying they’d removed a photo that some schumck deemed inappropriate.  I can’t even remember what I had up there that didn’t fit their guidelines…maybe the picture of my toolbelt?  (It’s waist down.)  I do find it irritating that someone felt the need to be an asshole about it, though.  Why would anyone care?  People with too much time on their hands.  Anyway, that won’t be a problem anymore!  I have fixed it permanently.  And some day there will be some new thing and new way to connect with people.  Maybe one that’s more satisfying (OKC hasn’t been that now for a long time).  Later, gators.

Your designer is a rabbit

I ordered some samples from FLOR the other day (the carpet tile people) to see them in person and decide what kind of colors/patterns I want to put down in the kitchen for Hickory.  There are a bunch of different styles I’m considering.

I gota message today from one of their designers, offering to help me design something special.  I wrote back explaining how my rabbit would be making the final call…  I thought it was sort of funny, but she probably thinks I’m either crazy or an asshole.  Also possible, I guess.

Still.  Looking forward to seeing my samples!  Hickory will be excited, too.  He just doesn’t know it yet.

No flying


Copenhagen and I got back together for my lesson today (Hawk is on vacation).  He was a bit of a jerk – paying more attention to other stuff than to me – but we accomplished a sitting trot (finally) that didn’t feel like I was bouncing like a ball on his back.  Got to use the big arena, too!   This is us at the end of the lesson.  He’s ready for a nap, I’m…ecstatic about something.



This Saturday was the first in three weeks that I haven’t had to work.  Except that I scheduled myself to help my parents paint the basement at my grandparents’ house.  Not exactly a relaxing break, but since they are “old and decrepit” (according to my brother), they don’t put in 12 hour workdays either, so I did the painting and when I was done (about 3 hours later) we went home!  And I went to Home Depot and bought stuff to make a temporary potting bench for Oatmeal’s room.  I need somewhere to start all of my tomato seedlings.

I sort of went overboard with tomato seeds.  I found a company that specializes in different tomato varieties, and ended up with 7 new species to try.  And they recommend starting them inside.  And my best light comes in to the 2 bedrooms that have south-facing windows.  Which means I have added the bench to Oatmeal’s room (and if I need more space, I will have to add a second one to my room)!  The board the plants will sit on is just under the window and higher than Oats will attempt to jump, so they will be safe from bun-splorations.  He was intrigued by the new additions to his space and took a nap under the bench this afternoon.  I think he likes it.  One of my renovation thoughts is to add some shelving/cabinets under the window in that room, so this is like trying out that idea in a not-so-permanent way.  Plus, plants!

After carrying all the concrete blocks into the house I was even more exhausted (I’d already been to the gym prior to heading over to my folks’ place).  I fell asleep while reading, but when I got up to brush my teeth, I couldn’t stop thinking about this idea I had for a drawing, and that distracted me for another hour at least (where I should have just done it, or worked on it, but instead tried to sleep)…which put me in bed at 10:30.  That was fine since I had to get up early this morning to start my laundry before meeting a friend for a hike.

We did not find dog hat, though we did revisit part of the woods where I lost it.  It was a beautiful morning – steadily climbing into the 60s – and we hiked a little over 4 miles (some of it very muddy).  Almost fell asleep while we were waiting to get seated for brunch, but quickly rallied once I had a bite of my sandwich.  PK recommended an apple bread gouda ham sandwich.  The apple bread would have made an excellent French toast all on its own.  I somehow missed the “ham” part – not my favorite, but the combination was still good.  It came with sweet potato fries.  Lovely.

A few more errands after that, then home where I continued the laundry and collected a bunch of small projects that I dumped on the floor in the living room to finish Once and For All.  Once the floor is empty, the projects will be done and I can go to bed.  Because SLEEP.

I wish I had had more energy for this day, because I *could* have gone for a bike ride – it was warm enough out.  And I could have had a fire (lots of wood/sticks came down in my yard in the past 3 months).  And I could have cleaned the house.  But, instead, I am cataloging my seeds, planning my garden, folding my laundry, and baking cookies.

I still need to draw the thing.