When cats attack

Forgot to mention:

During my riding lesson last week we were attacked by one of the barn cats as we were trotting around the arena.  On our first pass, she just rolled around in the sand by the rail.  And on the next pass, where I decided to ignore her so Copenhagen wouldn’t freak out, she leapt out at us.  I missed it entirely, and Copenhagen (good boy!) followed my lead.  Our instructor decided that was Enough, however, and removed said cat from the barn.  Crazy cat.


Your designer is a rabbit

I ordered some samples from FLOR the other day (the carpet tile people) to see them in person and decide what kind of colors/patterns I want to put down in the kitchen for Hickory.  There are a bunch of different styles I’m considering.

I gota message today from one of their designers, offering to help me design something special.  I wrote back explaining how my rabbit would be making the final call…  I thought it was sort of funny, but she probably thinks I’m either crazy or an asshole.  Also possible, I guess.

Still.  Looking forward to seeing my samples!  Hickory will be excited, too.  He just doesn’t know it yet.


An older man approached the desk this afternoon, laid down his tablet, and said, “What kind of things can I put on this?”

“What is this?” I asked.

He wasn’t exactly sure, so we turned it on and oh, the suspense as it booted up.  It was a Kindle Fire!

Truly, you can put all kinds of things on this.  But I assumed he meant library things.

So I told him about e-books and e-audiobooks.

And then I explained about app stores.  And apps, which enable you to put these things on your device.

I’m not sure how much he absorbed.  He told me that his daughter knows how to do all of these things, but she never has time to show him.  So I showed him.  And I’m still not sure how much he absorbed.  But we put a book on hold for him – one that he actually wanted to read – and he was happy.  So happy, in fact, that he told me how wonderful it was, what I had done.

And then he said, “You have a magic finger.”  Because touch screens and downloads and things for his device!

And I said, “Well, don’t let that get around.”  And then he laughed, seriously belly laughed, because I am a snarky, snarky librarian.