Soupsperiment 12

Sausage Lentil Soup, from Kathy’s Kitchen Table (recipe here)

No pictures of this one, so you’ll have to look at the ones on Kathy’s Kitchen Table for reference.  This is another (rare) recipe that I followed exactly.  The stars aligned or something.  And coincidentally I just whacked something on the keyboard and accidentally right-aligned this whole entry.  Stoppit!  (Fixed now.)

I don’t have any notes for this one either.  WHY EVEN BOTHER POSTING THIS??  It was an ok soup.  I think a more exciting sausage might have given it some more flavor.  Pro-tip, you can pick up Italian “sausage” pre-sausageified at some grocery stores (i.e. without the skin), which makes it easier on you when you have to remove the casings.  There are none!  The place I stopped – not my usual sausage supplier – didn’t have any.  Ask at the meat counter if you don’t see it out.  They may have it there.


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